Omega-3 Fish Oil

We all know that Omega-3 Fish Oil is great for lowering blood pressure, reducing the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, and managing heart disease. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the brain, and important aspect of brain health.

But a new study has just found that Omega-3 Fish Oil may help reduce the symptoms of anxiety.


  • Can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Great for reducing risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Helps reduce inflammation in the brain

 Based on analysis of data gathered from a sixteen-month-long study conducted in over 12,000 Brazilian adults, the authors found an association between higher Omega-3 intake and reduced instances of anxiety.

Though the study is based on association rather than causality, it's worth noting that both anxiety and depression are associated with Omega-3 deficiency, further leading to potential correlations between Omega-3 and mental health.



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