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1 in 6 of human beings will face a form of anxiety in one point in their life of those some never recover or understand what has happened to them. First we need to understand if anyone knows what happens besides the fight or flight system control system completely goes nuts. It's like The wires cross. Your safe but something is telling you there is something wrong. This can be Mental, Physical, or both.

The Greeks believe it was the absence of sex that caused this to happen! Long Periods of Not Having sex caused mental frantic a state unsound. They also believed it was closely related to breathing, which is probably why breathing techniques are still used. 

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Later On in years before anxiety was ever coined it was labeled "hysteria" The Era's of Renaissance and Victorian had no explanation for these types of behaviors so you were either tortured, executed, put through electroshock therapy, or even lobotomized. They say the vibrator was invented for those wives at home while husbands were gone at war or working all the time! If they suffered panic attacks they started with a vibrator! I could not find pictures of what that tool looked like. Still no Understanding came of the cause.

During The American War Era It became labeled "Irritable Heart Syndrome", They witnessed it when soldiers in the war would come back having heart palpitations and shortness of breath. Now we call it PTSD. They were treated with opium, ethyl alcohol and bromide salts other labels included nerve weakness. On other Parts of the world The struggle to figure this out lead to stronger treatments like sedation by Russians using barbiturates, muscle relaxers and of course more electroshock therapy. We seem to have a trend in western medicine with electroshock therapy for a answer. when none of this worked The 1950's introduced us to "fear Therapy" followed by anti-depressants with some good effects. 

It was not until the late 80's early 90's That the introduction of serotonin drugs were introduced to create the happy feeling. This would help neurotransmitters that were lost  of depletion of the serotonin. The Cause? What do we understand?

What to expect? who the heck knows. But you need to be aware of the trends and what you can get caught up in. Here is the the trend over the past 5 years.

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  •  Mental health pharmaceutical companies makes $150 trillion dollars a year from anti-depressants according to New York Times. 
  • Americans spend $200 Billion dollars a year in Therapy of anxiety and PTSD according to NBC news, They also say that is not including when it is more serious becoming a hospital stay, psycho traumatic cost are higher
  • The World Wide Web Is just as scary, E-books, Self help, alternative medicine is a 245 billion dollar industry. That is just the online portion reported. 

What Can you do? 

Become aware is the number one thing,  People don't see the small symptoms they start out with.

Worrying a little too much, Overthinking every thought.

We are told we can do so much. We need to take time out for ourselves.

Bathe in the sun, Listen to music with no thoughts, write about things your grateful for.

Laugh a little more, Your releasing more than you know.

Explore, Drive where you never gone before. Eat somewhere you never did.

Most important, Talk about things bothering you. Bottling things up seems to be the biggest cause of anxiety.

What if You have it?

Treat it, The sooner the better. Do not assume it will go away, It is like a virus it can effect people different ways, mental, physical, general or sometimes even paralysis!

None of this is to scare anyone but to open those wounds and let you be aware of who is really to blame if you become ill with anything.

How do you catch a cold? How do you break a leg? Most important, How do you treat it. 

To ignore is to say nothing happened, The mind is not capable of this. The subconscious is much deeper than what we know of, If you indeed break your leg you cannot walk there is no avoiding it. The same is with your mind.

Seek out multiple sources of information and find out what works best for you, it takes lots of doctors to set your leg as it should your brain.

Talk to others, Find ways of coping, If you have family let them know what your going through.

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