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Did you recently get a Diagnosis of OCD?

What patterns are you thinking suggest that you are OCD or that they based the diagnosis from?

Did they used the below method or a clinical trial along with genetics?

It's amazing there is not ENOUGH information on OCD that shows us a true reason or health issue that forms from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

Here are the the standards MOST doctors base line from.

  • Checking compulsions: The need to constantly and repeatedly check things.
  • Orderliness and symmetry compulsions: The need to constantly arrange and rearrange objects until they are perfectly in order or symmetrical.
  • Cleaning compulsions: The need to clean or wash things or surfaces over and over.
  • Counting compulsions: The need to count to certain numbers or to count items or steps.
  • The rituals involved in these compulsions are done to relieve feelings of distress, whether that distress is from a fear that something bad will happen otherwise or because it feels really uncomfortable not doing it.Even if you fall into ONE of these categories that certainly does not mean anything as well either. There is many Upsides to these without a label.

Here is a better way to state this: In OCD, There is many forms, and lots of people can fall in to any of these just by a being a human that requires a better standards than others. The question bares, “Who sets the standards?”

Perhaps, I like to be a little more cleaner than others. My standard is a little higher. If I take a 30 minute shower, they call this ‘Washing’ or ‘Cleaning’ OCD.

In the “Repeating” label of OCD where one word or thought is used more than others….Hmmm? Seems strange, They most people meditate for HOURS a day, Others dream for years to win the lottery, I often repeat someone’s name to myself 3–5 times til I remember their name.  One would think there is something easier. 

Need for Symmetry is the need for things to be equal, or equally weighted. The classic comic gag of the barber trimming a customer's mustache, and repeatedly finding that one side is longer than the other requring further trimming to "even it out" until there is no mustache left is a good example of this type.

Orderliness involves things having to be exactly in their place, sometimes facing in a particular direction, or a specific distance from another object.

I don’t know about you but did they not call this ‘Feng Shui?’ An ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. In literal translation feng means "wind" and shui means "water." In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune. By following the “flow or direction of energy” you place your furniture in this direction and it works.

So….Are those People OCD? Or just feel strong enough about furniture and object placement that the Universe, God, and Masters will bless them with happiness and other thing. I do not know if you have seen how Complex this Feng Shui is and how many things have branched off of it.

Do you see where I am going with this?

IF you did, notice THIS…EVERY OCD has had some impact on a culture, society, design, Social profile and probably more than we notice or show gratitude for. The computer I am typing on…Others would consider technology, A waste of time. While it’s made the impacts we see now.

We spend WAY to much time looking at the negatives because, it’s easy.

For someone to write or research a detailed diagnosis of positive intelligence response from brain waves or prognosis of over analysis detailed beyond 12th grade level comprehension now is a issue.

Just because WE do not understand it does not mean it does not mean it’s not good for the soul or human growth development.

I also must air on the side of caution. If you are having health issues, Such as blood pressure increases, arrhythmia, and do not feel well there is that side that must be checked out. With anything in life just as we travel, We must get checked out. But Pleas

The best way to look at anything in life: I have or if I continue what does this outcome look like in 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. IF you see great things then there has to be reason. Some would say it’s destiny, NOT OCD.

If you see Negative outcomes, There may be other triggers or things going on in your life causing a impact to keep a full negative pattern going. You have to be able to see what the plan is or your creative growth is telling you.

Regardless of age, Human growth development is needed to constantly feel like we are part of something, purpose, career, love life, plan, spirit, religion and or YOUR DREAM.

Your OCD at any Age can tell you some amazing things, You just have to be able to be aware of what the triggers are, What are the symptoms, and what are the control factors and final outcome. I think most people do not want to deal with the amazing benefits due to complex brain waves, thought process breakdowns, and what I like to call “Humaneering.” The development process of dealing with labels and making yourself “Human” again.

So Here is the final Answer in the form of a question,

Ask yourself this, “IF I have OCD, Could it be a super-power and can I be happy?

Famous people labeled with OCD-

David Beckham. Katy Perry. Howard Hughes. Leonardo DiCaprio

Lena Dunham. Howard Stern. Fiona Apple. Justin Timberlake.


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